Colm De Ris Irish Pottery Green Medium Vase i2

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Colm De Ris Irish Pottery Green Medium Vase

  • Colm De Ris Irish Pottery Green Medium Vase
  • Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland
  • Colm’s designs are all hand thrown, hand built and hand made
  • Come in strong colours, rich blues and enchanting greens
  • Sweeping shapes creating a modern celtic feel
  • High gloss finish
  • Also suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers
  • Dimensions:
  • Height 8 inches
  • Width 4.5 inches including handles
  • Each item slightly varies in shape & Colours
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About Colm De Ris

Inspired in Ireland, and by Ireland

People of all ages admire Colm De Ris pottery. It seems to embody Ireland itself, and everyone who handles a piece finds beauty in his skilful craftmanship. Turning any piece in the light reveals an almost 3D landscape of colour when you look at it closely. But what inspires the man himself?

The striking curves and vivid colours of Colm’s designs draw influence from the pristine ocean coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way. He particularly credits the South and West coasts, and the rich wild landscape of the peat-bogs. Colm says there are “40 shades of green” in his Emerald glaze, echoing the changing colours of the Atlantic Ocean between Ireland and North America!

The Triskele Symbol

Colm’s work also incorporates the legends and symbols found in Old Irish and Celtic mythology.Especially relevant is that Colm considers Ireland’s Newgrange Monument to be “the ultimate form of megalithic art”. (You can find out more about this UNESCO World Heritage site here)

Consequently, it is no surprise to see him use the triple-spiral “Triskele” emblem in his designs. This 5000-year-old Neolithic glyph represents a familiar Irish / Celtic theme of the “triple-aspect”. This is an early energetic icon of the Maiden, Mother and Grandmother. It later represents the Holy Trinity in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You can find a unique Triskele imprint medallion on every example of Colm’s work. Colour crystallises into the grooves of the spirals during firing, so each symbol appears to be slightly different. This ancient, powerful symbol looks so striking on every piece, and represents the continuity of life and love!


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